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“We do not remember days —

we remember moments”

Cesare Pavese

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The gallery is a large, open space, with an upper floor that overlook to the canter of it, and a green intimate garden.

The Dubnov Gallery’s Events Team is specializing in wedding planning, has tremendous of experience, and is attentive and alert to your ideas, dreams and needs.

The key to our success lies in the ability to bring your planes into life and create your perfect event.

With you, we will build an accurate mix of experience for you and your guests, from formatting the perfect menu, through the alcohol, the lighting and the music, to the reception and the design.

Winter or summer, if you wish to get marry in Tel Aviv, in Dubnov Gallery your wedding will never be just another regular one.

Private Events

Private events are the one that make life great. Birthdays, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs or Brits, those are your most exciting moments and they should be as successful as possible!

The recipe for a successful event including a location that feels like home, in good atmosphere, created by the combination of the space, high level design, excellent food and many moments worth preserving. The Dubnov Gallery has all the ingredients for that.

Dubnov Gallery is the perfect choice for events in the heart of Tel Aviv, with a central space and a beautiful intimate garden, quality catering and superb service and a team that will accompany you to the end of a special day.

Business Events

We know what is important to you in your business events. We know that you want to leave a mark and give the guests an exceptional experience, whether it is a small boutique event, hosting a delegation from abroad to a cocktail, conferences or seminars, a toast to selected customers, an exhibition, a press conference or a product launch. This is our art.

The space allows flexibility in the composition of the event, its suitability to your desired concept, and a beautiful garden is available for you. The location is accessible and comfortable, and the atmosphere is inspiring and pleasant.

Tell us what’s the occasion and our team will build with you a great business event, where every detail, from the culinary and the drinks to the last songs to be played, will join a special experience you will never forget.

Dubnov & Design

Dubnov Gallery, located in a unique building with a statement, was designed by the architect and interior designer Rami Romano. Romano drew inspiration from the garden in the compound, with the statue of Kadishman in her heart and spread the atmosphere and the sense of calm and detachment from the metropolis, to the space of the gallery and the adjacent garden. The inner courtyard has become an integral part of the indoor space, as a kind of modern urban Khan and in the connection between them there is openness that breaks the boundaries of closes space.