Accessibility statement

Declaration of accessibility and publication of the accessibility arrangements for people with disabilities of the Dubnov Gallery

Updated as of March 2, 2023

We at Galeria Dubnov consider it very important to be accessible to all our guests, including people with disabilities. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy an accessible experience with us in general and according to the accessibility legislation in particular.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us and we will be happy to improve and improve.

We at Galeria Dubnov worked for full accessibility in accordance with the Law on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, the Israeli regulations and standards regarding accessibility.

Get to know the accessibility arrangements we have implemented:


Website accessibility:

We always strive to provide the general public browsing the site with accessible content as much as possible, regardless of the technology on which the site was built. We work to update and implement the accessibility rules as much as possible, in accordance with the principles of the accessibility standard. The site is adapted to the accessibility requirements for level 2 (AA) of the W.C.A.G. 2 standard. The accessibility of the site is adapted to the leading browsers.

The site is accessed through the UA USER ACCESSIBILITY company and supports the leading assistive technologies in the field. The accessibility menu offers a variety of options. To learn more about how to use it, press F1 on the keyboard and the instructions for using the plugin will appear.

If you have found and/or encountered difficulties browsing the site on the subject of accessibility or in general, we will be happy to receive inquiries for information and/or suggestions for improvement and/or an email with a report of the problem, to the coordinator of the accessibility department in the company – details below. When reporting, describe the problem in detail so that we know what and how to fix it, what action did you try to perform?, what page did you browse?, type and version of the browser, operating system, type of assistive technology (if you used it)


The accessibility coordinator

Accessibility coordinator – Rafi Pomrock, email

Mobile: 054-5666676

Accessibility arrangements in the hall:

  • There are disabled parking spaces – coordinate in advance with Rafi Pomrock regarding opening the parking gate.
  • The entrance to the place is via a special elevator.
  • Accessible and standard disabled services with handrails.
  • Directional signage.
  • Warning stripes for the visually impaired on the stairs.
  • 5% tables and 10% chairs are accessible.
  • Accessible food stalls.

Service accessibility

  • You can send a message on the website instead of by phone.
  • The staff underwent accessible service training.
  • Evacuation procedures were adjusted in an emergency to evacuate people with disabilities.
  • The staff will assist guests at the request of a customer with a disability.
  • You can enter with a guide dog.
  • You can enter with service animals.
  • If you are invited to the event – it is important to coordinate in advance the accessibility arrangements with the inviter or the initiator of the event or with Rafi Pomrock.