Wedding in Tel Aviv

A romantic event in the bohemian heart of the city

You live in Tel Aviv, love it dearly and your dream is to get married in the city. But here sometimes concerns enter the picture like – how will we bring all our guests into the city, and also – can there be an urban romance in the end? Well, good news: we found the place that combines the best of all worlds – the most Tel Aviv location, right in the heart of the city, but extremely convenient to get to. A location surrounded by the most well-known cultural centers, but with an intimate, warm, family-like design and vibe, and of course – romantic.

It starts with our open patio, which is full of green vegetation and a pastoral atmosphere. Our word, you will very quickly forget where you are. This space was simply born for a reception in a cocktail atmosphere and a romantic canopy ceremony from the movies.
In the next step, guests move to the central space, which is designed in a modern but homely and warm style. When you get there you will understand what we are talking about. In this space you can fulfill your vision regarding the wedding event, whatever it may be. The flow between the two patio spaces and the central space, makes the place flexible and versatile, and you can decide how you want the event to look, feel and be conducted. Whatever you decide – Tel Aviv entertainment atmosphere and sophisticated bohemian style are an integral part of the matter.

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