Perfect location – suitable for all weather conditions

If in the past it was taken for granted that weddings only take place in the summer, then today many already understand the multitude of advantages inherent in a winter wedding. First of all, there is no romance from this season. Second, your event in advance is more special and exciting, at a time when there are not many other events around. In addition, all the best suppliers are more available this season and you can only benefit from this. Also, the soft light outside makes your wedding photos especially stunning, every photographer’s dream. In other words – you have countless reasons to get married in this season.

Why is Dubnov Gallery the perfect place for a winter wedding? First of all, the warm and intimate design instantly makes your event the most “cozy”, family and pleasant. Second, our magical urban garden is covered in winter, allowing you to hold the reception in an atmosphere of outdoor and urban nature. The flow between the central space and the garden also gives a feeling of air and of an open space, so you won’t feel like you’re compromising on this matter.

In other words, the weather becomes impersonal for you, and you are left with only the advantages of a wedding in the most beautiful and exciting season.

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