A restaurant experience at any event

Get to know FOOD CLUB – the culinary company of the Dinamo Group, operating in Dubnov Gallery. These are people for whom the field of events is an integral part of their DNA – soul players, with many years of experience on their resume. Freshness and seasonality are lines that guide the professional team of Food Club, and you will feel it in every bite. The entire process of assembling the dishes, choosing the raw materials, and planning the way of serving, is done here meticulously and with extreme care, when at every event, the team thinks about how to reinvent the wheel, while mobilizing all the creativity and vision of the best professionals. Regardless of the type of event at hand – the Food Club chefs will help you choose and personally adjust the exact menu for your event. We worked hard and put together no less than 28 different menus for you, among which you will find an evening menu, lunch menu, brunch menu, vegan menu, dairy menu, breakfast meals and more. Any changes you want to make to the menu, or alternatively, any request to build a menu from scratch – will be welcomed and with the full cooperation of our team.

An elegant serving for the tables in the well-known and well-known classic format? No problem. “Open kitchens” – activity stations, between which the guests will pass and be treated to different and varied dishes? With great joy and love. Waiters walking around with “finger-food” dishes at a cocktail party? U R Wellcome. Any serving style, any culinary genre, any dream you have about the food at the event – we are here for you, and we guarantee that none of the guests will forget the amazing dishes at your celebration.

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