Alcohol bar for events from Beit Todash and Jasper

Special drinks, cocktails and alcohol brands that will elevate the event

A worthwhile event, invested, special and indulgent, no doubt also measured by the quality of the drinks served there. At Galeria Dubnov, as an integral part of the place, first class bar services are also available to you. The alcohol bar “Todash” consists of a team of people who are involved in everything related to Tel Aviv’s turbulent night life, and they bring to the table heaps of experience and love for both the drinks and entertainment field.

Our bar is stocked with all the most reputable labels, and the company’s experienced bartenders certainly know how to serve them.

But we didn’t stop there. After realizing that today it is impossible to hold an event without also offering guests elegant, special and delicious cocktails at the level of gourmet dishes, we recruited the well-known Jasper’s cocktail bar to our ranks. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but this thing in itself could become the attraction of the party. This cocktail bar not only provides stunning and insanely delicious drinks, but also adds style to the special design of the place. The bar is designed inspired by tropical rainforests, and also incorporates Buddhist elements, and in short – you have to see to understand, but in the meantime, take our word for it.


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