Dubnov Gallery

Welcome to the Dubnov Gallery events complex in the heart of Tel Aviv. Weddings, business events, company events, bar/bat mitzvah events, birthdays, parties, launches, workshops, conferences, lectures and many other types of events take place right here. This complex combines Tel Aviv heritage, urban style, culture and chic. Yes, it’s not a mistake – all of these are gathered in one place.

Unbeatable location

Anyone with a little experience in the field of events knows that a central location is the key to the success of any event. The more accessible and convenient the event hall will be, the higher the percentage of attendance at the event. So you can completely leave this worry behind: there is no more central location than Dubnov Gallery, located a stone’s throw from the entrance to the city, from Ayalon and Azrieli avenues. It can be easily reached from all corners of the country, no matter what means of transportation.

Suitable for any weather: a winning combination between indoors and outdoors

This versatile complex includes two main spaces: the open patio, which is full of green vegetation and a pastoral atmosphere, and the spacious central space. The patio remains open in the dry seasons, while in the winter it is covered, heated and well lit, and is equipped with seating, a bar and an amplification system. The patio space is especially suitable for receptions, canopy ceremonies, or as a versatile addition for your guests, who can move freely between it and the central space.

The central space is suitable for all types of events, and has all the necessary equipment and furniture for serving meals, for lectures, screening films and presentations and of course – for a stormy dance party. We almost forgot, it is also designed in the style of the worlds, combining old and new.

Authentic Tel Aviv style is an integral part of any event

We think we are on to something here: an event complex that is both in a central and attractive location, and also endowed with style and a unique atmosphere, which can only be found in the heart of Tel Aviv bohemia. In other words – there is no need to compromise on any parameter in your event. Both comfortable, familiar and central and super urban chic, sophisticated, warm and cozy.


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