A central location is the key to the success of any event

Are you the type who doesn’t like to compromise – want a central location, but also a special atmosphere and style, want comfort and accessibility, but also a sense of detachment and escapism at the event?
Is it important to you that all guests will find it easy to arrive, find the place and park quickly, but still, that the celebration will take place in a unique place?

We are here to normalize this desire and reassure – you are absolutely right, and you and your guests deserve all these things together. More than that, we are happy to inform you that we have found a place for events that is both and both, and includes together everything you need from the location for your event.

The Dubnov Gallery events complex is located in a particularly strategic location – within touching distance of Azrieli, the train station and the exit roads from the city, but on the other side, right in the heart of Tel Aviv, in the center of bohemia and culture. Of course, we took care of a neat parking lot next to the place, for the convenience of your guests.

By the way, whether those invited to the event arrive in their own vehicle or whether it is public transportation, their way to the event will be simple, easy and comfortable. We thought of everything.

In other words, not only will your event be in the most authentic Tel Aviv style, your guests will thank you from the bottom of their hearts for choosing this location.

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