A green patio that is an integral part of the complex: urban nature at its best

Who doesn’t want some green nature and atmosphere at an event, even when it takes place in the heart of a city, and maybe especially when it’s in such a location? To introduce nature and the outdoors, and also a touch of romance into every event held in our events complex, we established the urban garden that harmoniously connects to the central space.

It is a pleasant space, full of plants, walls that are all covered in natural and hearty green, that as soon as you enter it, your heart expands and a smile comes to your face.

It should be noted that although the garden is outside, it is suitable for all weather conditions, where in the summer it is open and ventilated and in the winter it is covered and heated.

The garden was simply born for romantic canopy ceremonies, for receptions in a light and relaxed atmosphere, for cocktail parties and more. In many events, it functions as an integral part of the central space, when guests move freely between the spaces, and are invited to go out into the garden whenever they want to freshen up, take a nice drink from the additional bar waiting there, and have small talk with family members or acquaintances, mingling conversations with businessmen from the field and more. In events that include boisterous dance parties in the central complex, the garden is a pleasant and quieter retreat for those who are interested in it.

In other words, the urban, green and special garden is another way to enjoy your event, when it adds another layer of style and atmosphere, with a different and unusual design.

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